Our Centre’s Rooms

Cairnlea Kindy & Care Centre is open Monday to Friday between the hours 6:30am – 6:30pm. The Centre operates 52 weeks of the year and is closed for all public holidays. A child may not be left at the Centre before 6:30am or collected after 6:30 pm.

Infants Room 3months to 18months

Our Infants room caters for children aged 3months to 18months with a capacity of 8 children per day with 2 nurturing educators.
We are very flexible in the Infants providing a simulating and flexible environment, each child’s routine from home is implemented into our room routine to provide a high quality of care for their individual needs.
Educators in the room provide a number age appropriate activities based on the individual child. Educators work closely together with parents on their child’s development and independence skills

Toddler Room 18mths to 3 years

Our Toddlers Room caters for 16 children from the ages of 18mths to 3years of age, along with 4 educators.
The Toddlers Room encourages independence/self-help skills, language skills, toilet training & social development.
Our indoor / outdoor program which is implemented daily encourages the toddler children to make their own choices and manipulate their environment as they please.
Our educators involve children into the educational program daily whether its intentional teaching or child initiated & support children into a safe, fun and engaging environment.

Kindergarten Room 3-5 years Old

Our Kindergarten room is run by our Qualified Kinder Teacher who holds a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education and a Kindergarten Assistant who holds a certificate 3 in children’s services.
Our Kindergarten caters from children 3-5 years of age and a total of 22 children a day.
Our room promotes a sense of Belonging, Being, Becoming and delivering a program that focuses on the 5 learning outcomes of the VEYLF.
We strive towards creating an environment which fosters development for each individual child according to their needs. We offer a play based indoor/outdoor program each day, weather permitting.
Children are encouraged to make independent activity choices both indoors and outdoors. Each child has time for free play / selected experiences as well as teacher initiated / structured, small and whole group learning. Our curriculum contact is based on children’s needs, ability and interest.
As part of our school readiness the older children are referred to as the “School Kinder kids.” Throughout the year the school kinder kids have daily experiences with literacy and numeracy activities developing and extending their skills and knowledge in readiness for school.
Towards the end of the year we have special school kinder activities at special quiet times each day. In readiness for school lunchtime experience the children are asked to bring in their own lunch boxes for morning and afternoon tea, practicing for school lunch times.
We aim to make each year in the Kindergarten Room a happy, safe and educational experience for each child. Kindergarten is where children have fun, learn and in the process prepare for school.